Prototipos desarrollados en ISE

Estos son algunos de nuestros mejores prototipos.

Co-Interactive Table
Co-Interactive Table

Co-Interactive Table: a New Facility to Improve Collaborative Meetings Abstract: Co-Interactive Table is a client-server system designed to facilitate collaborative tasks in any kind of meeting such as sharing information and files among the participants using simple, natural and intuitive gestures.

logo TraInAb

Abstract: TraInAb (Training Intellectual Abilities) system is a collaborative and interactive set of games based on Multi Device settings aimed at achieving greater integration in society for intellectually disabled people by encouraging cognitive abilities such as memory, calculation and attention.

logo Multitouch Table
Multitouch Table

The Table is a multi-touch interaction device that allows the detection of gestures in more than one point simultaneously on a flat surface. Authors: Pedro González Tutors: José Antonio Gallud Ricardo Tesoriero Web:

logo CAIM

La finalidad del prototipo CAIM (Context Adaptative Information Manager) es ofrecer al usuario información extra en cualquier entorno de una forma intuitiva, novedosa y sencilla.